It was 3rd November Part-I

Soumalya told me-“Subho da, you are in wrong profession, you can be a writer or Gazal maker.”

We have been sitting near T-Junction in City Centre in Kolkata. Me, Soumalya and Neeta. We are

working on Tata Teleservice and after rush office ours-we used to come here sometime for

refreshment.Kolkatans used to come here for entertainment, shopping and updating their face book

profile picture.Youngstars are coming here to see beautiful faces and blue eyes, as city centre is one

of the most famous shopping mall in Kolkata.

However, we used to come just for mental refreshment as after 12 hours of work in shifts, handling

calls, network outages, NMS, escalation-mind really needs a solid refreshment of at least one hour.

Both we three are leading bachelor life and when you lead a bachelor life you are away from bit of

family responsibilities. We three are very good friends, more than colleagues.

Let’s come to the point-what made Soumalya to pass such humour.

Actually I sang two lines of Gulam Ali’s famous lyric “Chupke Chupke Raat din,anshu bahana yaad

hain”—after seeing a beautiful face sitting nearby.

Soumalya noticed that and elbowed me, pussing this fishy comment on me.

However, after coming from city, my thought process internally hooked me to think about writing a

story. In school and college days I had written many articles and poems in Bengali, but to express a

whole story in English!-I never thought off even in dreams!!

I thought for it seriously for the first thirty minutes, my heart was cynic initially, but in next 20

minutes I have decided to make it in real.

Before a week I had been reading a journal –The wings of Hope, written by Lailah Gifty Akita “Every

challenge is an inspiration to live your dreams”

My story started from there!!