It was 3rd November Part-II

3rd November-2013
Today is diwali….I am sitting in the terrace of 4th storey building….Vishrantwadi is looking beautiful in the eve of diwali…twinkling lights, lighting rows of candles, sparkers, scattering in the big pavilion of sky frequently……This is my first Diwali in Pune…Sizzling beauty of the sky and craziness of the people from the evening reminded me my past days in diwali night…..
My analogue watch showed the time-Now it is 7:30 PM .I came from office an hour ago. We don’t have leaves in Diwali as we worked in shifts. I know I am in Telecom and hence no expectation and repercussion for leaves…At the beginning of my career in telecom, the first one year seemed quite pathetic, no leaves, no extra money after doing extra night shifts, no incentives, events galore….
But now i have been habituated with all the things. I have heard from somewhere year’s back–” Never regret a single moment of the journey. If it wasn’t your destination, it was preparation “–I knew it was my fate when i was unable to attend my brother’s marriage last year due to some critical outages in the network and i have to return in the midway from my home. Telecom engineers—Press your chest and say “All is well “when you are in telecom. You can get an unavoidable call from your boss even in the first night of your honeymoon and you have to come to office with nightgown, you will not get the time even to change your night dress….but don’t worry….you will be allowed in office wearing nightgown, your boss must have to allow you considering the criticality of network outages. I am perusing 9th years in Telecom field, hence I am gradually able to understand some of the dos and don’ts in telecom.
However I was sitting now in the terrace, on the big black water tank. There was a small stair to climb to the Water tank. I was getting a full view of Visrantwadi from the Tank,it was a most beautiful place, i used to sit here at midnight when when not able to sleep sometimes.
Now days, please any one let me know how many of us have think independently in the last 5 years after perusing professional career???I assure you at least 70% of us only thinks about either network escalation or increment next year or think “it’s my time to switch the job .“This is fact! Mobile, computer and job is totally snatched our thinking process, when we have ample time, we switched to mobile or laptop…and we find it suitable to update status in Facebook, the new electronic revolution!!!…
No more i was interested viewing the sparkling lights and all, I just switched to my FB account……watching the status update from my friends and colleagues…..hit some likes in pages most unwillingly. But i have to hit or comment boss, otherwise i will not get any like or comment in my page –…Give and take policy..Life cycle goes this way i think, and the day comes and you depart from the universe….The one and ultimate give and take policy!….
I got very few updates from my friends and colleagues, i think all are busy with pataka and sparklers or with girlfriends and family….hence i thought they are just preparing for status update at night with bulk photos together in fb……
Unknowingly and without any interest I was changing the Facebook pages….
Suddenly, my eyes stuck in one status update with photo….

Moon Roy was with “Sanjay Mukherjee and Riya Banerjee at “Vidisha Coffee Centre-Asansol” November 2003.
Steel smoked picture and it was snapped on old analogue camera, faces were not clear! Three tiny faces near Vidisha Coffee Centre….

Just a small update and I suddenly got a 1000 volts shock!!!!My body jerk and somehow i control myself falling from 12 feet big black water tank.

Life is always full of uncertainty. You never know when all of a sudden you may get happiness, you may be panicked or above all, you- a mentally ,physically tired person, after working 12 hrs in office shift, just got a solid mental shock and it enthrals your neurons in memory……reignite your memories and all the old memoirs opened in front of your face…………………………………..
Now, 2003, 3rd November was just in front of me!!!