It was 3rd November Part-III

Riya and Sanjay—Diwali 2003

Sanjay was waiting for a long time near Vidisha supermarket.

Today is Diwali, after class 12 board exam he was feeling really free after a long rush of 18 years, run run and run…… from family pressure, fulfilling the parent’s aspirations……

At least he has the time of 3 months to enjoy, lead his own life…. before entering again in the cave of study…. for engineering.
He was waiting for Riya near about 30 crucial minutes.

Friends, you know better how pathetic it is when you are waiting for a long time for your close ones and she is not coming as promised….

Girls are always late……

They will tell you to wait for one second while you ring the door bell and will open the door after 200 seconds.

They always come late and expose hundred excuses in front of you and you get confused whether you except the excuses, or remain in anger, just to show her that you got hurt because of her delay….

Riya came and starts exposing her reason for delay—moms pending work, fight with her younger sister for a lipstick,etc etc…….

Sanjay is already knew all this things to be happen…he remain her close friend from 18 years…since they were coming on earth.

“Can we go if your entire story finished”Sanjay caught her hand and started to go inside Market…

Market was fully decorated in the eve of diwali. With twinkling bulbs, various metal Diya, spotted in every shops. The structuring of the Market was more or less square type, and small ground just the middle of the market. They used to come here very often when tuition bunk, last period bunk in their school days.

This place was always their favourite.

“Welcome “is the name of the coffee centre, showed its existence just south corner of the market. Welcome got a new decoration tonight; small flower bouquet in each table, sweet fragrance inside, it gives a very innovative look, followed by blue Heart shaped Welcome Board in the outside.

Sanjay knew its owner, Sankar Roy. He used to told him Sankar Da, as he was around 25 years than. He always came up with smiling face as like whole world is a peaceful place and all persons are happy. Beside this coffee shop, he has two more shops in the market. Three persons worked in his coffee house; one is Chotu,-a 12 year old boy with curly hair. Whenever they came here, Chotu always greeted them with a 70 mm smile.

They seated just the middle of the ground. Patches of grass scattered here and there, layer was not smooth though.Sanjay called Chotu and told him to give two coffees.Sanjay spread his legs in the grass…Riya sat cross legged in the grass.

If you visit ten Tea or coffee shops in Bengal, you will find at least eight “Chotu”s who are obsequiously abide by their masters order. I don’t know why .Chotu is really a favourite name in tea and coffee houses.

Riya looked beautiful today.

Sanjay looked at her big eyes…her small bindi in forehead, two small earring, light pink lipstick in lips, hairs were fallen in front of her cheek, and she was busy with her hair to keep it in correct place…. She wore a fitted black jeans and white t shirt. Her jeans was so tight, she should have probably roll them down while removing—sanjay thought…But she was the most beautiful lady in the earth Sanjay has ever seen in his 18 years.

What say something, she said after successful hair execution of 10 minutes.

“Don’t you think that we will be separate after 3 months?”Sanjay told finally, “three more months and i will have go to Kolkata pursuing engineering and will not be able to see you often then”…….his eyes were bit anxious.

“Then what!!!”—Her eyes stuck on Sanjay….”Don’t you want to pursue engineering?”Her face looked like a cartoon character..Both eyes came near her floppy nose.Sanjay just remembered yesterdays “Tom and Jerry “Show.

 “Look “She started just like his mom taught him after unsuccessful execution of some blunder done by him in his childhood years….”it is a life long journey….You need to build your career first….I am always with you and ever, don’t worry distance is not a matter ….but it is really illogical if you stuck in this place instead of pursuing your career in Kolkata”…She finished her speeches in a nostalgic way….

She must be in some theatre, Sanjay thought.

Girls are too dramatic sometimes; they never spare you whenever their turn comes.

Girls are more mature than man….when in decision making, caring, sympathy etc.

She came close to him. Her hand touched his shoulder, “don’t you want me to make me happy??”

“Please make your career ,i will always ever for you…it is only four years to go, make a good job and then we will be together ever”…Her nostrils’ flared, her face looked Sanjay’s advice giving aunt….It was really embarrassing for Sanjay when she began to advice him  this way.

Arrival of Chotu with two cups of smoked coffee interrupted her inspiring speech, and Sanjay got relief.

“Didi coffee nao”(Sister please take coffee)–smiling Chotu to Riya.

She patted little chotu’s cheeks and took the coffee. Chotu smiled and went away.

Coffee finished while both of them were busy with noticing the Diwali decoration, everybody were well known here  and most of them  knew about their relationship from the childhood, hence everything was totally normal…it was not a  hush  hush affair at all…….

They finished the coffee and stood up for departing.

“Want to test Kulfi malai”asked Sanjay.

“No, i am too full”…she replied.

She was placing her hand on her neck to show how much she full.

She was too dramatic sometimes….Sanjay thought…….Sometimes he dares to tell her that.

If a cup of coffee finish the hunger, then there will be no poverty in today’s world.

It was 10:30 now and they were moving towards home. It was hardly 10 minutes walk,.Sarat pally 4 no lane……every home was blinking with twinkling light, kids were enjoying with crackers and sparkers…..Worlds seemed really happy and perfect for  the duo……

Old Manna Dey song coming out from a parlour-“Yeh raat bheegi bheegi, yeh mast fizaayein
Utha dheere dheere voh chaand pyaara pyaara”…..romantic weather with romantic duo, it seemed the world was floating in nostalgia….. Once you are liking someone, their mere presence evokes a worm feeling in you.Sanjay could not control to touch riya’s hand. He took her fingers in his palm.Riya holds his fingers softly…………………………………

World is beautiful………………………………….