It was 3rd November Part IV

2005 Diwali

Sanjay and Riya walked in a semi lightening lane .Houses are not congested here and the area is far from town, many big trees and ponds are in the both sides of the street. Before a decade it was a cemented street, but now the cemented layer has been vanished and only the rocks and stones showed their existance.In many places patches of grass emerged out to create a green revolution against today’s concrete world. Murmuring Sound of insects was coming out from the roadside bushes, making the dewali night too specialSound of crackers faded gradually as they reached far from the locality. Where the road ended, there was a very old  Kali Temple, made of big stones, now the cemented layer had been fallen due to the passage of time and only the fossils remain standing.

There is a very old bonding between them and this temple.

Both of them used to play here, when they used to come here in the age of 6 with their grandma’s on the occasion of dewali. They used to play here for a long time as the preaching and Aarti would start at mid night. When they got tired they used to sit  on the stone made floor where Big idol of Goddess has been established, they falls asleep there and their family members taken them after puja rituals and preaching completed..Both Sanjay and Riya were unable to focus on Goddess’s eye in fear as the eyes are always seems live. Big eyes, Black colour with a red outer circle. Diva of strength!!!

At the time of Dewali, many people came here for aarti and prayer, but Riya and Sanjay missed the old metaphor as their grandmas were no more in this world. But when they come here, still their minds were filled with the old memoirs when they used to be with their grandmas.

Life is really uncertain and very confusing sometimes!!!!You can memorize some decade year old song and you can tell exactly what the metaphor was when you have listened the song a decade ago.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all…

The old vintage remain always…that’s why old is always gold and we cannot steps into future until we can recapitulate the past, our deeds and misdeeds in the past. Now a day’s Inspiration gurus like Myles Monero or Sandeep Maheswari is telling something different, but fact is always fact.

No persons can get success until and unless they recapitulate their old deeds. This is fact.

They have changed their venues in Diwali from the previous years as their old friend Chotu in the coffee house in vidisha,is no more in the earth. He was diagnosed with Dengue last year, struggling for life in the hospital death beds for the 5 days,

After Five days war between God and mankind, he lost the game with this crucial dirty world.

Game is over. India wins with -1.Sanjoy got the news from Riya, when Chotu is already taken to samsan ghat for the last rituals of his body.

Sanjay was perusing his 2nd years and stayed in hostel in Kolkata.

Sanjay was not able to come in Diwali 2004 due to huge pressure of 2nd semester. First of all, he was born and brought up in village. New college, new friend from different districts, college atmosphere, ragging!!—It took time to adjust and concentrate mind to study.However,now he adjusted well. But whatever the study pressure was, he never forgot to ring Riya in every week, satuday.Sanjay used to call Riya on landline. They did not have a personal phone, hence she went to her friend Moon’s house and wait for hours for ring.Sanjay’s total tiredness, study pressure evaporated after hearing her sweet voice.

After Chotu’s death, they were not frequently shown in vidisha, the place when they always found their first choice of adda, now they would found it better to avoid Vidisha.

Nothing remains favourite in our life, some instances, some incidents, some true facts instigate us to change our mental profile picture just like to change Facebook profile picture.



Riya to Sanjay—Kichu to bolbi, sonu, chup kore achis keno (Tell something, why are you so silent today)

Sanjay focused on Riya. She looked stunning. She was wearing a navy blue slawar suit and ordinary slippers, totally matched with this old vintage environment.

She had a haircut—her long hair now touched the shoulder,Sanjay insisted her many times not  to cut hair…..telling many times that she looked very beautiful in the long hairs…..

But girls are always different…

They do just the opposite whatever you want them to do.

Sanjay,I have to say something—Her face was serious.

Sanjay looked at her—questions in his eyes…..

“Please speak to your parents about our relationship to get  it finalised to marriage, everyday guests are coming to see me, it is not tolerable any more….Somehow i am still able to handle the situation but can’t be able to handle it anymore….My father want to fix marriage after my graduation after a year. Everyday i have been criticized now from my family……please tell your parents about me….so that at least they stopped searching my suitable grooms. I am so lost”…..Her nostrils flared again. Her tiny nose become red…..

Sanjay knows any of his unsensational comment will make her cry now, seeing her serious face. Eyes collected on her big black eyes—Sanjay put a palm in her cheek…….

“You can any day find a better groom then me”—-Sanjay jokes.

Riya did not tell him anything and suddenly stand up and about to go…..

Heyyy…I am joking…please don’t take it seriously…i will….i will talk to my parent today night …sure….don’t you think that i can not live without you without a single day speaking to you…The day i went to college i see you, open the digital electronics book i can see you….in the lab equipment’s i can see you….You are in everywhere…in my hearts sensation I already loved you thousand years and will love you thousand years more……The world is not for me without you”….Sanjay is serious now…………….

She stopped……..And look back!!!!!

This is the most  satisfied moment of a true lover when his darling stops walking and looked for her man—-really fantastic feeling…………..Sanjay thought he got all the worlds wealth in just her one look back……

Sanjay wanted to hug her tightly……She pushed her away….”This is not the exact place to do this things…This is place of prayer…Lets pray God to fix our marriage soon….”

Girls are sometimes functions as a next door advising aunt…..i have told you before……………

“I have a gift for you, my heart”– sanjay whispers to her ear, siding her fallen hair aside.


Sanjay took out a small white colour tiny box and gave it to her.

Riya-What is it??

Sanjay-Unpack and see….

She unpack and astonished…A blucolour Samsung 4100 polyphonic mobile phone…

“I bought it for you saving my cigarrete cost and tiffin money……….now no need to wait for land line call………… can reach me, any time anywhere”—sanjay speaks the same way as he heard some mobile phone advertisement before some days ago……

Her face looked like the happiest girl in the earth…but at the same time she was bit anxious….”How will i answer my parents if they asked me about that…???”

Tell that your would be hubby gifted you the same—Sanjay said with proud. “As everybody of our families will get to know about our relationship by tomorrow”—-Sanjay assured her in a firm voice…….

She giggles…..

It’s no mater about the gift you gave to your Angel!!!!Your Girl Is So Simple. That even A Teddy Can Make her Happy…..

They have in their return from Kali temple around 9 PM.

They could hear a song from a puja pendal coming from far way……”Dil Kya kare,jab kisi se,kisi ko payar ho jaye…the right song with right metaphor with right couple…..

SUCCESS—Got a job!!!!!!

Mobile phone is really fantastic!!!!

And when have a  darling in your native place and you are far away from  your home You get to know everything about your dear ones, about the incidents happened in your native place, neighbours fight, aunts pregnancy news, proposal story by her college boys….everything!!!!…….

Sanjay had a very limited money in his hostel days. Rs 1000 a month .So both of them used to talk at night after 11 pm as airtel to airtel cost 10 paise per min from 11 pm to 6 am.Riya managed to save hundred rupees from her pocket money and she made a hundred rupee recharge in Sanjays mobile…every month……

Sanjay was affirmed about his promise made to diwali night 2005 and at the same night he told his parents about their relationship.

After so many debacles, so many cat fight between families of them…at least all the fights come to an end…..Both families agreed at last..

Sanjay cracked a campus interview in a reputed enterprise….

He got a job….

Whenever you got a job in the campus interview…just think about the situation…just do a whole hearted flash back…..Life become totally exotic…Everything seems to be feeling well…relax boss!!!!!……… (i am talking about before joining the job, mind it my reader not the hell after joining job)

Here I have to say something…Whenever you think you are frustrated, unsuccessful—just think about your past deeds which is very positive like cracking campus interview, getting first prize in school days, they will boost you enough to melt frustration and you will be successful at the same!!!

Success is nothing but a replica of our thinking process….

Just a rolling of your thinking process catapult you to a most successful person on earth, removing all the frustration!

Riya was happier than Sanjay after hearing his job news.

Both families were happy now…


July 2007—evening again in Vidisha coffee house

Sanjay was totally free now. Offer letter comes to his hand. He successfully accomplished in first class degree, his four years of engineering….

After a long time Riya and sanjay went to Vidisha coffee house. They were sitting in the same place, just in the middle of the ground they used to sit earlier …….nothing has changed as it seems…excluding a small tiny face of chotu….was missing….

What a major changes was happening the market was the coffee shop in decoratin.Now instead of coffee all beverages were available including cold drinks, masala coffee, cold coffee and many more.

Sanjay ordered two coffee.

“Anything more mam???”The clever boy asked Riya.

Everything is a business trick now. If you are visiting a shop with your girl for buying something the shop representative keep on asking whether you need anything more….

Some times Sanjay angry and wanted to tell yes please give whatever you have in free….

But he controlled himself. Now he was with his darling, hence not to be rude.

Sanjay took the menu and told him “Two black forest cone”.

Riya snatched the menu and exclaimed “TWO HUNDRED FOR ICE CREAM!!!”Her eyes remained too big and her nostrils flared again: Her face just looked like a cartoon character now!

Readers most of you have the experience of seeing Tom and Jerry in your childhood days, you just remember the astonishing face of jerry and you will discover the present face of Riya!

It was really embarrassing for Sanjay as the coffee boy was waiting near them to take the order. She took 20 more mins to place the order. She was finished with ordering two chocolate cake of forty rupees.

They way the waiter went, it seemed he never come again to take an order from them……

It was already 09:30 pm and they are in their old Sarat Sen road towards their home. Both of them were very very happy…..

Sanjay touched her hand softly…………………


“I love you….keep on loving you always”………………….Sanjay become sentimental.

“What happened to you, Sanju????-“—She said softly….”I knew that……..”

“I love you when you fight against your whole family against you marriage to other guys, I love the ways when you choose cheapest menu just because i am paying for them, I love you because you are the only person with whom i can discuss everything of my life, I love you because you have always keen interest to listen my voice even you are very tired somedays,l love the way you talking to me, talking to others……………….everything………………………”Sanjay finishes………………….

Sanjay was emotional…his voice became wet with his emotion…Perhaps water was fallen from his eyes……

Riya touched his toe…….”I knew that……..please don’t tell………………..I will be caring for you always………..”

Four Lips meet in the in the Sarat Sen  Durgapur Asansol Highway main Road NH 32.There was  nobody in the road………………………………It was showing 10:10 in the watch!!!!

O mere dil ki chain”—-a romantic song from Kishorda was played somewhere nearby.