Kids Are Better At Taking Selfies And Posing For Pictures, Here’s The Proof

Kids today are smarter than adults, as they grow up in the atmosphere dominated by high-tech gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and smart TVs. They especially get attracted to smartphones as soon as they begin to understand things around them. Further, their curiosity drives them to get hold of the phones and play with it.
By the time, they attain the age of 3 or 4 years, they learn almost all the features of their phone. In fact, they become experts in taking selfies and can melt everybody’s hearts with their adorable and naughty clicks. They prove to be better than adults and teenagers when it comes to posing for pictures, taking selfies with all the pouts and duck faces.

No doubt, children have set some tough goals for all of us. The pictures shared below are the proofs that children are no less than adults in posing and taking selfies.

1. Trying to pose like mommy, but I think I’m better.

2. Who cares about the view? Nothing looks better than me!

3. Am I not cute?

4. Don’t mess with me! Did you get me?!

5. Daddy said, I’m beautiful!

6. I think, I just saw a boogie man!

7. ​I have got the swag, bro!

8. Mommy and Daddy think I’m a fairy!

9. I think I’ll ask her out today.

10. Mommy just told she is going to enrol me in a school.